Larvij International

Larvij International has been operating at the Russian market of decorative and finishing materials for over 20 years. The company collects information about customers’ interests, and searches for the possibility to reduce price level and improve the quality of goods. Among the company’s customers there are large stores and wholesale and retail chains. All products are made of high-quality raw materials and are certificated in Russia.

Success Story

Larvij International already had a management system based on SAP® Business One platform, which was implemented by other SAP implementation partner who stopped its activities in this area later on. It also uses a 1C accounting system.

At a certain stage, due to a number of complaints, the management of Larvij International incurred an urgent need to improve the interrelation of two existing accounting systems used at the enterprise, to minimize manual labor for information input in two systems, and to enhance the convenience of working with the systems for users. Resolution of these tasks did not seem to be possible in the current version of SAP® Business One ecosystem, as there were no source module codes for additional functionality. That is why Larvij International, the company that is always longing for improving and optimizing its work processes for the purpose of developing its business and satisfying customer demands, decided to contact GazIntech for further maintenance of SAP® Business One solution, and for the purpose of starting the «re-implementation» project.

Understanding the whole liability in the existing situation, GazIntech specialists carried out thorough inspection, in the course of which they discovered all the problems and elaborated recommendations for further implementation, taking into account all Customer’s desires. The solution implementation methodology used by GazIntech for the projects of small and medium business was adjusted to preserve all of its core advantages, such as risk minimization and project controllability enhancement within limited time and small budget SAP® Business One solution was updated to its current version, and the functionality was customized according to the business tasks. GazIntech developed and implemented an integration solution for automated transfer of operations from 1C to SAP® Business One followed by the formation of unified reporting and managerial accounting in SAP, and adjusted electronic exchange of documents and orders with the customers (EDI).

As a result thereof Larvij International received that very user-friendly and effective solution it needed initially. The company’s future plans include project development in terms of updating 1C system, implementing the functionality of warehouse accounting with the barcoding system, and automating the points of retail sales.

Apart from the history of success, this project also shows the importance of choosing a reliable and experienced implementation partner, such as GazIntech — a leading consulting company for implementing SAP® Business One solution in Russia. It helps to avoid the problems described above in future.



Our company has started cooperation with GazIntech rather recently, but during this time GazIntech managed to show high competence in the process of supporting our information system. All issues and tasks that used to occur in the process of operation were successfully solved with the active participation of GazIntech specialists. Thank you for the high-quality work you do, as we hope for the same high quality of your work in future.


Irina Molchanova, CFO of Larvij International