METTLER TOLEDO is a transnational corporation, the world’s largest manufacturer of laboratory, industrial and commercial weighing equipment. According to preliminary estimates, the share of METTLER TOLEDO at the market of laboratory scales makes 40%. METTLER TOLEDO is represented in 120 countries of the world, with its own divisions in more than 40 of them. The company’s independent representative office has been

existing at the Russian market since 1996, and is located in Moscow. METTLER TOLEDO CIS has regional offices in Yekaterinburg, Samara, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnoyarsk, Khabarovsk, and Tyumen.

Success Story

Initially METTLER TOLEDO had no unified system within CIS, which would keep the whole information about its operating activity. At a certain stage, the company’s management realized that MS Excel- and Access-based system has run out of steam. Since then METTLER TOLEDO CIS started thinking seriously about the need to create a unified information system.

A solution the METTLER TOLEDO management was looking for had to meet three main criteria: it shall have wide functional opportunities being scalable at the same time; it should be localized and have full local support; it shall have an optimal price-quality ratio.

Having found out that SAP had a solution for small and medium business — SAP® Business One, METTLER TOLEDO realized they finally found a perfect solution. The company got the best price to quality ratio plus reliability of a world brand for a reasonable cost.

The following requirements were placed to the implementation partner: the partner had to be experienced in working with a big customer and should have a powerful platform for system customization according to the customer’s demands. GazIntech was chosen the Implementation Partner as it perfectly met all requirements.

The following tasks were singled out as key tasks for project implementation: creating a unified information environment and a unified software platform for all divisions in Russia and CIS; reducing the labor content of information input and analysis; transparency and effective control of Company’s financial flows; automation of primary business processes: sale and purchase, and service support; supporting a unified control system over the business processes of purchases and sales; getting a tool for building financial statements in accordance with the corporate standards (GAAP) and for deep financial analysis of activities.

The project has been successfully implemented in four stages. Summing up the integration results, we can state that in the result of this work all targets placed to the implementation team have been achieved.

The project in METTLER TOLEDO CIS has become the largest SAP® Business One implementation project in Russia in 2007 and one of the largest ones in the world, covering over 160 users spread over Russia and CIS countries (Ukraine and Kazakhstan). GazIntech received a «Transaction of the Year 2006» award at the Forum of SAP Partners in 2007 for the implementation of this project.


GazIntech specialists managed to create a unified system that allows to receive prompt data on all operation aspects of our Company.

Having analyzed our operation in a new system for 2007 and 2008, we were pleasantly surprised by the growth of gross income in many areas up to 15%.

We associate this result with the increased control over our activities with SAP® Business One.


Yury Makarov, Deputy Director of Mettler-Toledo CIS