OPTEC Company

OPTEC develops and supplies integrated solutions created on the basis of the optical equipment from world’s famous manufacturers — Carl Zeiss, Bruker, Oxford Instruments, Raith, Thermo Scientific, TAP Biosystems, Rigaku, CAMECA, and used in various fields of science, education, industry, and health care. There are over 250 high-qualified employees working in 17 offices of the company located in Russia, seven

countries of CIS, and in the Republic of Georgia.

Success Story

Primary project targets:

  • Consolidating all company units into a single information environment, creating new opportunities for control and correction of key business processes, and delivering effective tools for data analysis and performance planning.
  • Optimizing warehouse stock management.
  • Improving customer relations and creating prerequisites for reaching a brand new service delivery level.
  • Improving financial planning.

SAP was chosen due to the need to integrate Carl Zeiss into the unified information environment, as the system implementation had been started when the company had been its subsidiary. Further on, the main supplier, which is Carl Zeiss as well, is to be integrated with SAP R3.

The project was started in the middle of 2010. The choice was made for the branch-specific solution b1:Distribution designed by GazIntech on the platform of SAP® Business One and intended for the automation of commercial enterprises of different size, from a rather small one to a large trading house, the structure of which comprises branches, representative offices, and retail stores. b1:Distribution includes a well-proven integrated functionality of SAP® Business One supplemented with Add-On modules designed by GazIntech specialists.

At first, the customer set a rather tight deadline for the implementation, but the project scale turned out to be somewhat wider than expected. That is why the whole project implementation was divided into independent milestones. Major work was done in 2011, and productive commissioning of the system took place in the end of 2012.

As a result thereof, SAP® Business One is simultaneously used by over 80 persons from all company units (excluding service engineers), most of which are the employees of sales departments. Apart from the major project tasks, OPTEC also acquired centralized control over the discount policy, improved quality of business analytics, allocation of functions and authorities between the front office and the back office.

In 2012, the volume of sales chains made by one employee increased by 20.66%, the volume of fulfilled orders — by 43.97%, and total sales of OPTEC increased by 21% and exceeded 100,000,000 Euro.


A demonstrative example of successful implementation may comprise the beginning of using routine reporting received from the system for discussion at the meetings of company executives, and for the adoption of strategic and tactical business management decisions on the basis thereof.

Before this time, decisions were mainly based on the accounting data delivered, as we know, with a big delay.

A SAP-based information system has become a tool of business communications between different units, which facilitates the achievement of success in the most complicated market environment.


Sergey Kolokolov, Head of OPTEC IT and Security Department