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System of Production and Control of Biometrical Identity Documents

The company GazIntech has designed a system of production and control of biometrical identity documents. This system is a module one and consists of the following complexes:

  • Complex of issue of identity documents;
  • Complex of control of identity documents;
  • Data processing centre.

At the same time it is significant that stated complexes can be united in one place or be remote from each other and interact by means of telecommunicational transmission links. There are also mobile modifications of complex of issue of identity documents and of complex of control of identity documents. Thus there is a possibility to build a system of any scale: from region or state to organization of pass control at the concrete enterprise.

The Complex of Issue of Identity Documents is a personal computer, provided with the following equipment:

  • Video camera, scanner of fingerprints, with the help of which operator receives biometrical parameters of the future owner of the identity document;
  • Printer, laminator for production of the document;
  • Scanner of two-dimensional bar code for the document check.

The complex of the centre of data processing ensures collection and storage of data about issued, lost and expired documents. Usually the centre of data processing functions on the basis of the fault-tolerant server, in case of small volume of issued documents functions of the centre of data processing can perform a personal computer of the complex of issue of identity documents.

The Complex of Control of Identity Documents includes personal computer, provided with scanner of two-dimensional bar code and with scanner of fingerprints for execution of control of biometrical document.


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