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As the information technologies get ever tighter integrated with business management, the matters of integration become the topic of the day. Integration sets a wide range of tasks: from providing the synchronized operation of two information systems and up to creating a common information environment within an enterprise. A separate problem, which is growing more and more urgent in Russia, is getting integrated with the information technologies of one's business partners.

The urgency and complexity of the problems of integration are well-illustrated by really impressive costs made for information systems integration. According to independent analytics, large-scale companies spend up to 40% of their IT budget to solve this kind of problems.

The software integration contributes to data integrity and consistency, prevents data input duplication and results in a more fruitful information exchange across employees and organizational units All in all, integration is a good way to higher effectivity of the IT infrastructure of your enterprise.

To integrate different information systems, best-of-the-breed products of the leading software developers like IBM and SAP can be utilized. GazIntech developed own business-processes integration system d:Pulp.