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Main Benefits

  • User interface is built on the one-window principle. The system offers adequate information for the operator to make a decision on letting somebody pass the state border
  • ASPC Sapsan includes a check of document details against reference lists. The check algorithm enables the processing of large-volume lists (with at least 1 million entries) with minimum search time (about 5 seconds)
  • The system can use a catalog of PVD samples, and the operator will be able to see sample passports for the country of which the PVD owner under scrutiny is a citizen. New document samples are regularly added to the passport catalog as soon as they become available
  • Built on the basis of three-link architecture and the centralized storage of system data, the system completely rules out unauthorized access to information
  • Any user is granted access to the system only if they have a special e-card and know an individual access password. Apart from other data, the e-card includes the users individual EDS key
  • Protection against unauthorized modification of information in the system is based on the maintenance of transaction logs, signed with the electronic digital signature of the user
  • Information cannot be leaked during AWS repair or replacement as only diskless workstations are used