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Operating Modes

The system is flexibly adjustable and can operate in different modes: preliminary control, distributed control, thorough control, information gathering, and any other modes as the Customer may require. These modes can be implemented as operator-staffed workstations or self-service terminals.

Sapsan ASPC can be used both on the frontier of security and as an additional security frontier, for example, at an entrance to the control building to step up security measures.

Operations with special lists

Lists are a key element of the operation of Sapsan ASPC in the control mode. It is lists that are used to screen off control subjects. Lists are managed in two ways:

  • By using system tools to create and edit them
  • By downloading lists (third-party lists) from other information systems

The system can be easily adjusted to any format of third-party lists. Operations with booking lists are an important feature of the system. Data included in the booking list can be subject to preliminary processing in terms of their ranking by potential hazard or accuracy of documents. Then the information is used during the check itself.