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Main features of processing new-generation biometric documents

To control and check details of passport and visa documents with electronic microchips, the system incorporates the following features for gaining access to secure data:

  • Basic Access Control (BAC)  the microchip checks the set of data collected from the machine-readable area of the document, thus giving access to data stored on the microchip
  • Microchip data integrity check  a check of the digital signature of the country that issued the document in terms of authenticity and integrity of data stored in the microchip document by using cryptographic algorithms
  • Extended Access Control (EAC)  a check of digital certificates of the microchip and AWS to receive access to secured biometric data of the document owner, such as fingerprints
  • A check of received biometric data (a 2D image of the face, fingerprints) from the documents microchip against data of the person presenting the document
  • Data control:
    • A complete row of machine-readable area
    • A 2D image of the face
    • An electronic digital signature
    • Details of the issuing country/authority
    • Control of protective elements of the document (in visible, ultraviolet and infrared ranges)
    • Fingerprints

The system reads images of passport and visa documents produced in three ranges (V, UV, IR) with the help of a unique, compact, 4th-generation, higher-resolution PVD reader (PS4). A distinctive feature of this reader is its automatic operation. All protection elements available in PVD will be displayed before the operator for detailed scrutiny and can be entered in the database.

The system can also be equipped with SOP1, a finger scanner, designed to read fingerprints of the document owner during a check of NGPVDs that include biometric parameters.